Saturday, August 18th, 2018

DeClutter and Energize How to Energize 1. Get Fit: The evidence is in for fitness. Regular exercise has been associated with more health benefits than anything else known to man. 2. Toss, Shred or Purge Paper, Magazines, Newspapers, etc. 80 percent of the paper saved “just in case” is never needed again, and if it [...]

Blog post by San Diego professional organizer Brenda Martinson. Ever have the feeling…”I have too much stuff for me”?? 1) Stuff breeds more stuff… the more you have, the more you need or want… beware of the “FREE” stuff trap. 2) Useless stuff crowds out good stuff…it expands to fit every available space until you [...]

Blog post by Professional Organizer Brenda Martinson. Does this look like your computer desktop screen? A double – vision – icon nightmare! Your computer should also have an organized filing system, just like your physical files. Here are the 4 best ways I know to organize that desktop clutter: 1. Create Folders on your Desktop [...]

Americans are drowning in a sea of stuff and are getting rid of clutter. Everyone seems to have more belongings than available space to keep everything. Wasting time looking for something turns to frustration when every closet, cabinet and room is overflowing with unused belongings. Professional organizers obviously organizer your clutter and are finding customers [...]

For many people, a home based business can bring a sense of freedom. There are no early morning mad rushes to get to the office. There are no worries of having to dress appropriately for work. However, working from home can bring its own disadvantages. Much of the time, a home business may be placed [...]

Blog Post By Mallary Gandar Mounds of paperwork can overwhelm any business if a consistent purge effort is not part of the daily process. Since multiple sources of paper enter the office every day, the effort to organize and access those pages can require the time and effort of multiple employees. One of the ways [...]

San Diego Professional organizers do what you do not want to do. Organized people save time and money, and reduce their stress and frustration levels.