Saturday, August 18th, 2018

Blog post by Professional Organizer Brenda Martinson. Does this look like your computer desktop screen? A double – vision – icon nightmare! Your computer should also have an organized filing system, just like your physical files. Here are the 4 best ways I know to organize that desktop clutter: 1. Create Folders on your Desktop [...]

Americans are drowning in a sea of stuff and are getting rid of clutter. Everyone seems to have more belongings than available space to keep everything. Wasting time looking for something turns to frustration when every closet, cabinet and room is overflowing with unused belongings. Professional organizers obviously organizer your clutter and are finding customers [...]

Over the years, I’ve discovered that most things in life can be improved with a “good spring cleaning”. Your business is no different. After all, spring cleaning is done because stuff accumulates. Whether it’s dust, dirt, junk mail, clutter or just ‘stuff’ in general, it’s good to take some time and get rid of it [...]

Blog post by expert organizer Brenda Martinson. We all could use some help in organizing our desks. These 5 simple tips will help streamline the process at your company or home office. 1. Get Ready Block a window of time aside. Put this in your calendar to avoid interruptions. 2. Be Prepared What this means [...]

With the Christmas Holidays quickly approaching, it is very easy to become overwhelmed. There is so much to do and so much to think about. Here are some ideas to show you how to organize for Christmas. 1. Make sure gifts have their own space. Christmas can turn into a cluttered mess if gifts do [...]

A garage can easily end up being the place where everything gets dumped. If there is no place for something, it gets taken to the garage. This can quickly lead to a cluttered mess and have you wondering how to organize your garage. A San Diego professional organizer can help teach people in San Diego [...]

San Diego Professional organizers do what you do not want to do. Organized people save time and money, and reduce their stress and frustration levels.