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Simple Steps For Organizing Travel Healthcare Checklist


travel tips 300x296 Simple Steps For Organizing Travel Healthcare Checklist

Vacation/Travel Healthcare Checklist


Pack and store prescription medications properly to avoid losing potency due to excess heat or light. This is especially important for seniors or other travelers with serious medical conditions.

Outdoor Fun:

For any outdoor activities, bring sunscreen and a hat to help prevent sunburn and skin cancer, especially in tropical climates where the sun is much more intense.


If you are flying, take steps to avoid jet lag.

Pre-flight Organization:

Before departing, make sure you have all your affairs, business and personal, in order.

Cancel your mail and/or paper service. This is a safety feature in not alerting strangers that you will be gone.

De-stress yourself. Ensure you are not stressed-out with excitement or worry, and not tired or hungover from a function the night before.

Exercise. Get plenty of exercise just prior to departure. When inflight, walk up and down the aisle, stand for spells or do small twisting and stretching exercises in your seat to help reduce discomfort.

Drink Fluids.
The dry air in an aircraft causes dehydration. Drinking plenty of non-alcoholic fluids counters this. Water is better than coffee, tea and fruit juices. Alcohol not only is useless in combating dehydration, but has a greater intoxicating effect in an airliner versus at ground level.

Sleeping Aids.
Remember to pack blindfolds, ear plugs, neck rests or blow-up pillows — all useful in helping you get quality sleep while flying. Kick your shoes off to ease pressure on the feet.

Sleeping Pills (don’t).
Some people use sleeping tablets to try to alleviate jet lag. This is a dangerous approach as sleeping pills induce a comatose state with little or no natural body movement, and it is well known that prolonged immobility during flight can lead to fatal blood clots (deep vein thrombosis).

First-Aid Kit:

Pack a first-aid kit that includes sterile bandages, antibiotic ointment, and an elastic bandage in case of sprains. A first-aid kit is something you should have in your home, car and when you travel.

Traveling Abroad:

If you’re traveling to a developing country, become familiar with the infectious diseases that may be common in that area, and take the necessary steps to prevent or avoid them.

Another common risk in third-world or developing countries is travelers diarrheawhich is caused by bacteria and toxins related to contaminated water, poor sewage disposal, and improper food handling.

Remember: Avoid drinking water, which means ice cubes, coffee, lemonade…any drinks made of water.

Social Media:

In today’s social media frenzie to share our every move…please remember NOT to alert your friends via Face book, Twitter, etc…that you will be traveling. Again, another safety feature for your home. Wait until you return to share details and pictures with everyone.

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