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Got Clutter? Professional Organizing Industry Approaches $1 Billion Revenue Mark


got clutter 300x225 Got Clutter? Professional Organizing Industry Approaches $1 Billion Revenue Mark

Americans are drowning in a sea of stuff and are getting rid of clutter. Everyone seems to have more belongings than available space to keep everything. Wasting time looking for something turns to frustration when every closet, cabinet and room is overflowing with unused belongings. Professional organizers obviously organizer your clutter and are finding customers in every part of the country because people everywhere feel out of control.

Candidates for Organizing Help

Anyone with an office, apartment, house, garage or storage unit knows that years of buying and hoarding stuff causes disarray that requires professional organizational assistance. The organizing industry is growing by leaps and bounds, approaching the $1 billion revenue mark, because people need an objective person to arrive and take charge of the situation. Professional organizers work with people in various life stages. Some of these miracle workers believe their efforts save jobs and marriages.

• Professionals – Files, storage rooms and hallways in workplaces across the country are packed with “necessary” papers and equipment that cannot be discarded. A professional organizer is able to redefine the parameters and cut through the stacks.

• Seniors – More than 10,000 people are reaching the age of 65 every day. A lifetime of stuff must be sorted and eliminated to allow the retiring masses to move into more manageable quarters. An objective third party organizer can make the chore less painful.

• Celebrities – Famous people seek assistance when moving from one mansion to another. An organizers list is essential for the goals that the celebrity wants to achieve in reducing the amount of stuff that is carted to the next residence.

What to Expect from a Professional Organizer

Gaining control over material possessions is necessary for the peace of mind busy people need for healthy living. Organizers list their services on websites that are designed to help potential customers know what to expect.

• Rates – Most professional organizers charge between $50 and $200 per hour. A rate that is below $50 should be cause for concern. The customer can determine how many hours of assistance are necessary.

• Fast decisions – A professional will have objective opinions about reorganizing and eliminating stuff. Customers will be asked for some input, and then rapid decisions will be made to accomplish the goal.

• More space – Once the task is completed, the customer will be amazed at the open space found in the existing office or home. Even if large quantities of clutter are not thrown away, the organization methods will optimize the existing space.

Final Evaluation

Hiring someone to assist with the difficult task of removing clutter from the home or office can improve relationships and job performance. After the first encounter, the customer will learn to trust the professional advice and appreciate the final result.

About the Author: Brenda L. Martinson is owner and founder of San Diego Personal Business Services, a Personal Assistant/Business Consultant company located in Carlsbad, CA. For more than 20 years, she has been in leadership roles for small to mid-sized companies in the health-care, real estate and training & personal development industries. Working with top-level executives and managers, Brenda has designed and implemented organizational and efficiency systems to help companies improve profits and optimize their people.

As a Professional Organizer/Business Consultant, she utilizes her skills and experience to assist busy and/or retired professionals save Time, Money, and Space. Brenda’s organizational systems have helped people manage the personal and business clutter of one’s life through a customized and easy to maintain process. This process includes setting up systems and gathering resources to organize and improve one’s working/living spaces.

You may reach Brenda at her website Visit San Diego Personal Business Services.

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