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Discover 5 Simple Tips For Creating More Space In Your Home Office


Home Office Organization 300x199 Discover 5 Simple Tips For Creating More Space In Your Home Office

Many people have made the transition to work from home. However, it can create problems. Many people feel that they do not have enough time to keep their home office organized. A San Diego professional organizer can help to get your space organized. There are also ways you can help yourself.

1. Use proper furniture.
Furniture can be a good key to organization. The right kind of furniture in the room can help to organize other parts of the office. If everything has a place, it is much more likely that it will be in that place.

2. Develop a system for ingoing and outgoing work. Whether you decide to use paper trays, or some other method, it is important to know where your work should go. When there is no system, orders and invoices end up being left in the most convenient place to lay them down. This is a good way to completely forget about those things. When there is a system to organize paperwork, you are more likely to stay on top of tasks that need to be done.

3. Don’t be afraid to toss things.
Unnecessary items and paperwork can quickly pile up. This creates confusion in the office. It also monopolizes a lot of the space, making it hard to keep other things organized, simply because there is no room for organization. Periodically go through items and paperwork. Toss things that are not being used. Can some of the paperwork be converted to digital formats? Digital formats are easier to organize and also require much smaller amounts of storage space.

4. Don’t use a home office for storage space. In many cases, the spare room of the house may have been converted to the home office. This creates a tendency for all members of the household to carry things to that room for storage. In no time at all, this space has become a cluttered mess. Go through the area and remove anything that does not have something to do with the business that is being conducted. Find somewhere else in the house to store those things. Periodically review the area to make sure that new items are not being brought in for storage. This simple act can free up a lot of space in this area.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a professional organizer in San Diego. A professional organizer can offer specific help and guidance for your own situation. They can be a great resource for getting your home office organized and keeping it that way. Consider contacting a professional organizer in San Diego to get your area organized and keep it useful.

About the Author: Brenda L. Martinson is owner and founder of San Diego Personal Business Services, a Personal Assistant/Business Consultant company located in Carlsbad, CA. For more than 20 years, she has been in leadership roles for small to mid-sized companies in the health-care, real estate and training & personal development industries. Working with top-level executives and managers, Brenda has designed and implemented organizational and efficiency systems to help companies improve profits and optimize their people.

As a Professional Organizer/Business Consultant, she utilizes her skills and experience to assist busy and/or retired professionals save Time, Money, and Space. Brenda’s organizational systems have helped people manage the personal and business clutter of one’s life through a customized and easy to maintain process. This process includes setting up systems and gathering resources to organize and improve one’s working/living spaces.

You may reach Brenda at her website Visit San Diego Personal Business Services.

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