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Best 4 Tips For Organizing Your Computer


organize computer1 Best 4 Tips For Organizing Your Computer

Blog post by Professional Organizer Brenda Martinson.

Does this look like your computer desktop screen?

A double – vision – icon nightmare!

Your computer should also have an organized filing system, just like your physical files.

Here are the 4 best ways I know to organize that desktop clutter:

1. Create Folders on your Desktop

– Right click on your desktop

– Click “New Folder”

– Name that folder starting with General category names.

Examples: Games, Favorite Websites, Articles, Computer Tips


– Click and drag the files which pertain to that General Category. Once this is accomplished, you can make sub-categories within those folders.

I recommend dating folders.

2. Remove/Reduce all those Shortcuts

Get rid of all those shortcuts and place them on the bottom of your toolbar. This way you can see the icon and still launch into your program the same way you could on your desktop.

3. Quick Launch Helps Declutter your XP or Vista Desktop without Deleting Anything

Quick Launch is just a folder on your computer, where the content can be made visible as part of the task bar located next to the Start button.

It is the perfect companion to the Start menu, except you only drop items in it that you use frequently

4. Use Online Calendars to Keep yourself Better Organized

Most e-mails and cell phones have calendar systems. They are an excellent way to limit “sticky note” reminders and remember important work or personal “to do’s”.

My computer calendar helps me remember:

client and friend’s birthdays
when to pay bills
even, when money is owed to me
events I should attend
and more…

About the Author: Brenda L. Martinson is owner and founder of San Diego Personal Business Services, a Personal Assistant/Business Consultant company located in Carlsbad, CA. For more than 20 years, she has been in leadership roles for small to mid-sized companies in the health-care, real estate and training & personal development industries. Working with top-level executives and managers, Brenda has designed and implemented organizational and efficiency systems to help companies improve profits and optimize their people.

As a Professional Organizer/Business Consultant, she utilizes her skills and experience to assist busy and/or retired professionals save Time, Money, and Space. Brenda’s organizational systems have helped people manage the personal and business clutter of one’s life through a customized and easy to maintain process. This process includes setting up systems and gathering resources to organize and improve one’s working/living spaces.

You may reach Brenda at her website Visit San Diego Personal Business Services.

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