Saturday, August 18th, 2018

7 Basic Facts About Too Much Stuff


i have too much stuff 7 Basic Facts About Too Much Stuff

Blog post by San Diego professional organizer Brenda Martinson.

Ever have the feeling…”I have too much stuff for me”??

1) Stuff breeds more stuff…

the more you have, the more you need or want… beware of the “FREE” stuff trap.

2) Useless stuff crowds out good stuff…it expands to fit every available space until you run out of it.

3) Dust, Bugs, Rodents… love stuff

4) Stuff loves to stay where you put it…

5) Over time, stuff becomes invisible…meaning, you can even forget you have it or where you put it…it’s only value is when you use it.

6) Stuff costs you money…

7) Stuff has a powerful effect on your state of mind…it doesn’t make you happy; you do.

“Our stuff absorbs and controls our time, our money and our space…think wisely before

adding more stuff into your life… ”

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About the Author: Brenda L. Martinson is owner and founder of San Diego Personal Business Services, a Personal Assistant/Business Consultant company located in Carlsbad, CA. For more than 20 years, she has been in leadership roles for small to mid-sized companies in the health-care, real estate and training & personal development industries. Working with top-level executives and managers, Brenda has designed and implemented organizational and efficiency systems to help companies improve profits and optimize their people.

As a Professional Organizer/Business Consultant, she utilizes her skills and experience to assist busy and/or retired professionals save Time, Money, and Space. Brenda’s organizational systems have helped people manage the personal and business clutter of one’s life through a customized and easy to maintain process. This process includes setting up systems and gathering resources to organize and improve one’s working/living spaces.

You may reach Brenda at her website Visit San Diego Personal Business Services.

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